About Us

Luke-Dorf is a licensed provider of mental health and alcohol and drug treatment services in both Washington and Multnomah Counties. Our network of supportive programs is designed to maximize each individual’s self-determination, independence and stability. With a focus on Recovery and Community Integration, we are committed to individualized, strength-based treatment, utilizing a variety of evidence-based practices and innovative models.  Resources are available for mental health treatment, supported housing, addictions recovery, homeless outreach, and many other mental health needs.

Our agency's work is driven by five key values:

·        Hope
·        Recovery 
·        Empowerment
·        Community 
·        Peer and Social Supports

We take pride in providing a culturally sensitive environment that is validating and welcoming to all groups, regardless of language, disability, gender, literacy, age or any other cultural factor.


Continuum of Services


Based on a Recovery Model, service delivery is driven by the belief that every individual has the potential for Recovery. 

·        Case Management
·         Cognitive and Creative Therapy 
·         Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment
·         Skills Training
·         Peer Delivered Services
·         Employment Support
·         Assistance Obtaining Benefits
·         Psychiatric Services
·         Medication Monitoring
·         Housing Placement and Support
·         Money Management
·         Medical Coordination
·         Homeless Outreach





In 1977 Pastor Ed Sandvig founded Luke-Dorf in response to a growing need for community based mental health services. He and his wife began by caring for mentally ill individuals from their home in Tigard. We’ve come a long way in 36 years but remain committed to Pastor Sandvig’s timeless ideals of selflessness, serving and giving.

The name Luke-Dorf pays homage to our founder's heritage. 

Luke - Refers to Saint Luke, a healer and patron saint of physicians
Dorf - German word for village, or community

thus, Luke-Dorf is... A Healing Community




Board of Directors

     Chairman of the Board:
     Robert E. Connell

     Vice Chairman of the Board:
     Debi Mollahan

     Board Members:
     Dave Peaslee
     Ken Kornelis
     Jon Meusch





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