Getting Started is the Hardest Part!

3 Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We are three weeks into the New Year, how are your resolutions doing? If your goals are not going as well as you would like, don’t worry -- you only just started! Sometimes getting started can be the hardest part. Perhaps there are barriers or obstacles you have to overcome that you didn’t realize existed. When you first created your goal, you probably focused on the WHY, which is very important in understanding your motivation to take action. Now, after a few weeks of effort, you probably have a better grasp of HOW you will accomplish your goal. Here are some tips to keep your progress going for the rest of 2018:

1.       Take Baby Steps
Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and going to the gym seven days a week may not be the most realistic way to jumpstart your resolution to work out. Start small with realistic steps that will move you toward your ultimate goal. For example, if your goal is to exercise every day then consider walking for 10 minutes twice a week or participating in a movement class like martial arts, yoga, or dance once a week. Over time, you can increase your days of engagement or activity duration with the feelings of accomplishment and success!

2.       Listen To Your Body

If at first you don’t succeed you should try again but you may benefit from making some adjustments so your goal is more accessible. If your goal is to run a mile but you are finding it too hard on your body, try walking a mile or running a half mile instead. Be flexible with your goals so that you don’t feel defeated or in pain. Listening to your body is key to finding a healthy relationship to exercise.

3.       Keep It Going!

Practice really does make perfect, and it takes time to adjust your body to your new routine. Consistency is the key to accomplishing your goals, so stay on track to see progress. This may require a little patience, but after a few weeks you will really begin to feel the results. Don’t be discouraged, and just keep moving towards your goals!

By Samantha Ellis, MS, QMHA, Luke-Dorf HEAL and Health Educator