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Compassionate Community Mental Health Since 1977

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. We know that with the right supports, everyone can create a path to mental health recovery and lead a life of their own choosing.  

Mental illness is complex. It can affect every aspect of life including housing stability, employment, socioeconomic status, physical health, family and social interactions, daily living skills, and other basic needs.  It often involves interrelated challenges such as substance use, homelessness, and poverty.  From a foundation of hope and compassion, Luke-Dorf’s multi-disciplinary approach recognizes this complexity and supports unique and varied needs. We collaborate with each person to develop a plan of service that does  much more than treat a diagnosis, but rather aims to improve overall quality of life. 

Mental Health Outpatient Services

We offer mental health treatment services at our outpatient clinics in Tigard and SE Portland. A comprehensive mental health assessment is provided to determine diagnosis, and if it is a diagnosis that is covered by insurance, we will make appropriate treatment recommendations.

We bill the Oregon Health Plan, Medicare, and some managed Medicare plans as long as there is secondary insurance coverage through Oregon Health Plan. At this time we are unable to accept individuals who only have Medicare. 

  • Treatment recommendations may include but are not limited to: 

    • Medication management

    • Case management

    • Individual and Group therapy

    • Skills training

We strive to coordinate care with the medical, addictions, legal and social service systems to ensure we are providing integrated treatment. While we do not provide outpatient addictions treatment, most of our clinicians are familiar with co-occurring disorders.

For more information about outpatient services at Luke-Dorf, or to schedule an intake appointment, please contact 503-726-3742.

If you already have a scheduled intake, click HERE for forms to bring with you to your first appointment.

Mental Health Licensed Residential Programs

We offer several licensed residential treatment programs where individuals receive targeted treatment around managing mental health symptoms and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills building, with the goal of returning to independent living when possible. These are not secured facilities and individuals are free to come and go as they please. 

Individuals cannot self-refer into residential treatment. Referrals come from the Oregon State Hospital, local acute care settings (i.e. hospitals/jails), or from other community mental health providers. An individual’s length of stay in one of our licensed treatment residences is determined by medical necessity and is not designed to be a long term placement. 

For general information about residential services in Multnomah County, please contact 503-988-5887, and for Washington County, please contact 503-846-3165.

Dual Diagnosis Licensed Residential Programs

We offer two licensed residential treatment programs designed for individuals who are dually diagnosed with a severe mental health condition and a severe substance use disorder. These are not secured facilities, and individuals are free to come and go as they please.

Individuals cannot self-refer into this residential treatment program and must be referred by an addictions provider who determines the need for residential level of treatment. Individuals must have OHP Open Card or Healthshare in order to be considered for admission. Length of stay is determined by medical necessity and is not designed to be long term placement.

For more information about our Dual Diagnosis Residential Program, please contact 503-597-3938.

Homeless Outreach

Our Homeless Outreach Team works with individuals experiencing homelessness to connect them to critical social services — with the goal of moving them off of the street and into permanent housing.  This is done by meeting people where they are, building client-centered relationships, and by establishing creative community partnerships that together, eliminate barriers to services and serve as a model for effectively breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Peer Directed Services

We offer a variety of Peer Directed Services.

The Comfort Zone is a safe space; a place anyone can go to feel welcome, accepted, and free to relax regardless of who they are, what they believe, where they came from, or what they've experienced in their life. The Comfort Zone is staffed by a group of highly compassionate Peer Support Specialists who have experienced some measure of mental illness or trauma in their lives and can relate on a deeply personal level. This is a place of understanding and equality. We offer different types of interaction: activities, games, movies, private spaces, meaningful conversation and emotional support from people who have lived experience. Lunch is served from 12-12:45pm. Walk-ins are welcomed and no referral of any type is required.

NorthStar Clubhouse is a mental health recovery program for adults in the Portland metro area who live with mental health challenges. NorthStar follows the evidence-based Clubhouse International model of psychiatric rehabilitation. NorthStar's structure strengthens social and vocational skills, and provides access to employment and educational services. Lifetime Membership is free. A referral from a mental health professional is required.

Self-Directed Services is a peer run program that works with participants on their health and wellness goals as a supplemental service to Traditional Mental Health Services. There are two programs offered: a one-year Wellness Program and a two-year Sustainable Housing Program,
The one year Wellness Program works with participants to create a plan of attainable goals. Each plan is directed by the participant. Working closely with a Resource Broker, participants utilize community resources and services identified by each participant as beneficial to their recovery. This includes access to free or low cost wellness related goods. Eligibility Requirements link.

The two-year Sustainable Housing Program offers participants up to two years of a housing subsidy in addition to their yearly individualized wellness plan. Each person works closely with a Housing Resource Broker to overcome barriers and find affordable housing. Participants often use a portion of their subsidy to set up their new household. Eligibility Requirements link.


We have several housing options available for individuals with either housing vouchers (Section 8, CoC, or project based) or personal income. Individuals who have no personal income should apply for a project based voucher in the county they would like to live in. For general information about housing vouchers or waitlists, please contact Washington County Department of Housing at 503-846-4794, or Home Forward in Multnomah County at 503-802-8300.

We do not offer housing placement but are able to support individuals in obtaining and maintaining housing if they are enrolled in treatment services and are clinically determined as needing this level of support. We do not operate shelters nor do we provide emergency housing options. 

Individuals experiencing homelessness should contact Community Connect at 503-640-3263 (for Washington County housing programs) or Transitions Projects at 503-280-4700, to complete a screening to determine what other housing resources and programs for which they qualify. 

Supportive Housing

Our supportive housing programs have varying levels of on-site staff support and services. All require that residents be able to live independently. Individuals must meet certain financial criteria.  

Individuals cannot self-refer into most of these programs, and should be referred to us by their current mental health provider. Often individuals need to have been homeless for a period of time and have a disabling mental health condition in order to meet criteria for referral into these programs. Length of stay depends on the program, with some being transitional and others being permanent supportive housing. 

Community-based Housing

We have several housing options in the community that are completely independent and do not require an individual to be enrolled in mental health treatment. These properties are managed by Horizon Property Management and require personal income or a voucher. 
For more general information about housing options, please contact 503-501-5280. 

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